Oh, a hatchling!

I decided to add a bonus text/story to some of my posts, so today I will tell you a backstory of my purple girl! It’s kinda spoiler-ish, but it doesn’t reveal a big chunk of the story or future events so you’ll be fine if you want to read more about it in my comic – When You’re Evil (I will elaborate on her story around episode 3 when I get to draw it).


Riamidea was one of the most powerful sorceresses of her time. She was known for her extraordinary magic skills and her association with the Brood of the Night Sky dragons. As powerful as she already was, she started to pose a significant threat to her world after she went after the mysterious grimoire, supposedly to be used to summon a powerful demon. In order to be stopped, she was killed by the head of the White Raven Order – Arch Priest Verno. She didn’t stay dead for long, as her sister – Dragon Witch Ramisallia made a plea for her life to the Night Sky Dragon King. Resurrected, pissed and more purple she returned to her original task of summoning the demon… or so they say…

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11/06/2022 20:06

This background is so nice, it reminds me Disciples II. <3